Associate Professor & PI at WEL Research Institute

I am welcoming applications for Ms/PhD/PDoc opportunities related to the research themes below and geothermal applications. There are several funding schemes in Belgium.

We currently have DAS and FBG interrogators, fiber optic cables, several hydrophones and seismic equipment.

Research interests

I’m currently exploring three main research routes.

(Volcano-)hydrothermal systems 
I first investigated the iconic Kawah Ijen volcano (Indonesia) using seismic and lake-monitoring approaches to better constrain its dynamics and the VHS influence on volcanic activity. I then started studying VHS with multi-disciplinary approaches (combining geochemistry and geophysics) and investigate the existence of precursors prior to hydro-volcanic eruptions. We found precursory signatures to some hydro-volcanic eruptions, but I am now trying to generalize these observations at different volcanoes into a theoretical framework using numerical modeling approaches and artificial intelligence.

Dynamics of volcanic systems using seismic noise
I have contributed to the development of new methodologies to monitor the Earth. I used and developed seismic data mining techniques based on continuous ground vibrations recorded at different volcanoes : the seismic interferometry, the seismic amplitude ratio calculations, and unconventional volcano-seismic tremor analyses. I have recently started working on Machine Learning (ML) approaches to detect hidden signals prior to volcanic eruptions.

Low-frequency rumbles and underwater seismo-acoustics echoes to monitor the Earth 
My first scientific studies quantified carbon dioxide emissions from Indonesian volcanic lakes using hydroacoustic techniques. I then learned the fundamentals of infrasound which radiate acoustic wave below human-hearing threshold (<20 Hz). We analyzed remote seismic and infrasound recordings associated with eruptions, tsunamis and fireballs. Besides remote acoustic signatures to understand volcano dynamics, I am now trying to quantify underwater volcano degassing using seismo-acoustic approaches (FNRS-MIS project).

Bubble photos below from Gabriele Palma

Brief CV

My research is intimately associated with monitoring and imaging the Earth via geophysical approaches. I have mostly investigated the dynamics of hydrothermal

systems and magmas, as well as the triggering and characterization of volcanic and limnic eruptions. Recently, I have become interested in the generation of earthquakes, landslides, fireballs, tsunamis, and tracking lockdown operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. My research most often employs inter-disciplinary approaches.

Main volcanic areas of research : South East Asia (Indonesia and Philippines), Iceland, Africa (Congo), New Zealand, Costa Rica

Areas of expertiseAutomatic word wrap

My research focusses on volcanoes and more specifically seeks to understand magmatic hydrothermal systems (so-called ‘wet volcanoes’) using multi-disciplinary approaches such as continuous seismicity, (hydro-)acoustics and lake monitoring and degassing.

Keywords : Hydrothermal systems and gas-driven eruptions – Magma dynamics – Ambient seismic noise and tremor – Volcanic lakes – Infrasound – Hydroacoustics


2013 Ph.D. in Science, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Royal Observatory of Belgium
Thesis : “Multi-disciplinary monitoring of Kawah Ijen volcano (East Java, Indonesia)”
PhD advisors : Thierry Camelbeeck (ROB), Alain Bernard (ULB)

2009 M.Sc. in Earth sciences, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium),
Master Thesis : « Study of Sirung volcano-hydrothermal system (West Timor, Indonesia)”


2018-2021:  Chargé de Recherche IRD, ISTerre, Grenoble, France
Main Project : ‘Transitions of volcano activity in volcano-hydrothermal hosted environments’ 

2021-2023 Research Associate INGV, Bologna

2017-2018 Doctor-Assistant, University of Ghent, Belgium 
Main Project : ‘Long-term instabilities of volcano-hydrothermal systems’

2016- 2017 FNRS postdoctoral Fellow, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Main Project : ‘Towards Forecast Hydro-volcanic eruptions’

2015- 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK 
Main Project : ‘Constrain the dynamics of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull and 2014-2015 Bárdabunga-Holuhraun eruptions using seismic noise’

2013- 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth Observatory of Singapore, Magma Transport Dynamics – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Main Project – ‘Using an infrasonic array in Singapore to monitor volcanoes’


1.       J. Subira: Machine Learning classification of volcano-seismic events in the Virunga Volcanic Province“(started in January 2020, ULiège)

2.       S. Nowé: Characterization of cryoseismic and volcano seismic sources in the Vatnajokull icecap region(started in October 2019, ULB – co-supervision with Royal Observatory of Belgium)

3.       L. Vanhooren: “Continuous electrical resistivity monitoring of hydrothermal areas” (started in March 2022, co-supervision UGhent)

4.       L. Brenot: “Real-time monitoring of Volcanic UnresT using machine learning of seIsmic and remOte seNsing data.” (FNRS Aspirant, started in October 2022 at ULB, co-supervision with U Fairbanks (Alaska, USA))

5.       O. Fontaine: “Characterizing volcanic tremor using dense seismic deployments in Iceland” (Fria funding, started in October 2022 at ULB)

6.       Martanto: “Vers une classification automatisée des évènements volcano-sismiques pour l’archipel indonésien“ (ULB-ARES, 4 years, started in February 2022 at ULB)

7.       J. Govoorts: “Towards Improved understanding of subglacial hydrology using passive seismic-based approaches and fiber optics” (FNRS Aspirant, started in October 2023 at ULB in co-supervision with K. Van Noten (Royal Observatory of Belgium) and C. Caucheteur (UMons)

8.       J. Patzel: “Towards monitoring geothermal operations in 4D using passive seismics” (Wel-T FNRS funding, started in November 2023)

PhD informal co-supervisor :
• C. Donaldson : “Seismic velocity variations at Kilauea volcano and during the 2014-2015 Bárdabunga-Holuhraun eruptions”, University of Cambridge
• R. De Plaen : “Single‐station monitoring of volcanoes using seismic ambient noise”, University of Luxembourg 

PhD informal co-supervisor :
• C. Donaldson : “Seismic velocity variations at Kilauea volcano and during the 2014-2015 Bárdabunga-Holuhraun eruptions”, University of Cambridge
• R. De Plaen : “Single‐station monitoring of volcanoes using seismic ambient noise”, University of Luxembourg 

Community Contributions

Co-Leader of the IAVCEI Commission on Volcanic Lakes (; 2019-2023, now in the Steering Committee.


Topic Editor for Volcanica (ongoing)

Springer book : Modern Techniques in Volcano monitoring (ongoing)

Associate Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth (2019-2021)

Guest Editor

Guest Invited Editor for a Special Volume ‘Multiscale Approach and Integrated Multiplatform Techniques to Study the Volcanic and Geothermal Environments‘ (Frontiers in Earth Sciences, ongoing)

Guest Invited Editor for a Special Volume ‘The January 2022 Explosive Eruption of Hunga Volcano, Tonga‘ (Frontiers in Earth Sciences, ongoing)

Guest Invited Editor for a Special Volume ‘Volcanic Lake Dynamics and Related Hazards” (Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 2021)

Guest Invited Editor for a Special Volume ‘Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions” (Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 2020)

Guest Invited Editor for a Special Volume “Geochemistry and Geophysics of Active Volcanic Lakes” (Geological Society of London, 2017)


Active projects

Quantifying underwater volcano degassing using novel seismo-acoustic approaches (co-PI / PI: Zack Spica; 20 k$, 2020-2022) – Thomas Jefferson Fund – collaborator: U Michigan (US)

2021-2024: Seismic tremor for real-time tracking of Natural Hazards in Iceland (co-PI – PI: K. Jónsdóttir (IMO, Iceland) and T. Lecocq (ROB, Belgium); 950 k€)

2022-2026: Can ERT reveal the dynamics of volcanic hydrothermal systems? (ERupT, co-PI, PI : T. Hermans (UGent, Belgium), FWO project (Belgium), ~450 k€)

2023-2026: CalderaSounds MIS-FNRS Incentive grant for scientific research (Belgium) (PI ; 460 k€)

2023: LabDiscovery Tour: The Geoscience Trail Innoviris (PI ; 10 k€)

2023: Developing a new platform for assessing volcano hazard through analysis of globally acquired monitoring data NRF (Singapore) (co-PI ; PI: B.Taisne (EOS, Singapore)

2023-2027: WEL-T Starting Grant Investigator Program (Belgium) Geo4D: Towards 4D Monitoring of Geothermal Operations in 4D using passive-based seismic approaches (PI ; 800 k€)


2023-2025: The seismic signature of caldera reinflation at Askja Volcano, Iceland (PI ; 30 k€; co-PIs: N. Rawlinson (U Cambridge) and T. Winder (U Iceland)) – Fondation Wiener Anspach Project

IS-Noise : Using Seismic Noise to Monitor Iceland (Research Partner – PI : Krístin Jónsdóttir, IMO, Iceland – Icelandic Research Fund, collaborators : Royal Observatory of Belgium, Uppsala University (Sweden) – 2018-2021))

Seismic tremor for real-time tracking of Natural Hazards in Iceland (co-PI – PI : K. Jónsdóttir (IMO, Iceland) and T. Lecocq (ROB, Belgium))

Geodetic and hydrological controls on seismic velocity changes after large earthquakes (Research Partner – PI : M. Savage) – EQC New Zealand, collaborators : GNS Science, U Wellington

Quantifying underwater volcano degassing using novel seismo-acoustic approaches (co-PI / PI : Zack Spica) – Thomas Jefferson Fund – collaborator : U Michigan (US)



As an editor :
C. Caudron, B. Christenson, D. Rouwet. Phreatic eruptions. Book. Springer (ongoing)
D. Rouwet, F. Tassi, A. Mazot, C. Caudron. Volcanic Lake Dynamics and Related Hazards Frontiers in Earth Science (ongoing)
C. Caudron, Y. Aoki, N. Fournier, T. Girona, L. Chardot, Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions, Frontiers in Earth Science 
T. Ohba, B. Capaccioni and C. Caudron, Geochemistry and Geophysics of Active Volcanic Lakes, SP437, Geological Society of London, London, UK.

As an author :
*with PhD or Ms student


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