Laboratoire G-Time

The Geochemistry team applies state-of-the-art isotope geochemistry (radiogenic isotopes and non-traditional stable isotopes) and petrology  to Earth mantle dynamics, Early Earth and Planetary processes, and Environmental studies.


  • Tracing geological processes and petrogenesis especially focused on the Early Earth evolution, including the building of the continental crust, and on the evolution of planet Mars
  • Origin and circulation of dust in polar regions
  • Tracing environmental processes
  • Hydrothermal systems and rock – fluid interactions
  • Chemical heterogeneity of the early solar system

Research project


ET-Home Evolution and Tracers of the Habitability Of Mars and Earth An EOS project


Two explorers will collect snow samples that will be analysed by the G-Time – Nadine Mattielli, Sybille Boxho – and B-GeoSys – Steeve Bonneville with the support of the FNRS and ULB. 


Senior research associate